Bones: Season 7
Fox (2011)
Drama, Geheimnis, Komödie, Krimi
In Sammlung
IMDB   7.9
566 Min. USA / Englisch
DVD  Region 1
Emily Deschanel Dr. Temperance Brennan
David Boreanaz Seeley Booth
T.J. Thyne Dr. Jack Hodgins
Ryan O'Neal Max Brennan
Carla Gallo Daisy Wick
Tamara Taylor Dr. Camille Saroyan
Joel Moore Colin Fisher
Jonathan Adams Dr. Daniel Goodman
John Francis Daley Dr. Lance Sweets
Eric Millegan Dr. Zack Addy
John Boyd James Aubrey
Michaela Conlin Angela Montenegro
Pej Vahdat Arastoo Vaziri
Ryan Cartwright Vincent Nigel-Murray
Ignacio Serricchio Rodolfo Fuentes
Brian Klugman Dr. Oliver Wells
Dwight H. Little
Ian Toynton
Produzent Ian Toynton
Steve Beers
Autor Michael Peterson
Hart Hanson
Kamera/Fotographie Gordon Lonsdale
Komponist Sean Callery
Jamie Forsyth

David Boreanaz (Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) stars as F.B.I. Agent Seeley Booth, who teams up with forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel) to solve some of the most baffling and bizarre crimes ever. Booth depends on clues from the living, witnesses and suspects, while Brennan gathers evidence from the dead, relying on her uncanny ability to read clues left behind in the bones of the victims. Their different investigative styles cause the two to frequently clash, creating an undeniable chemistry and just the right touch of dark humor. Inspired by real-life forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs and state-of-the-art criminal investigation procedures, Bones is compelling, cutting-edge television.
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    03.11.2011  1.  The Memories in the Shallow Grave
The body of a woman found buried under a paintball field yields more questions than answers as the investigation into her death reveals even she didn't know who she was. On the domestic side, Booth and Brennan adjust to sharing space with each other… and her growing stomach.
Regisseur:  Ian Toynton  / Йен Тойнтон  Autor:  Stephen Nathan  / Стефан Нейтан 
Guest starring:  Michael Grant Terry, Martin Grey, Brad Greenquist, Rodney Eastman, Jamison Yang, Guy Wilson, Brooklyn McLinn
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    10.11.2011  2.  The Hot Dog in the Competition
A competitive eating champion's body is found shortly before the next major competition. Following a disagreement over the baby, Booth and Brennan attempt a little role-playing. Back at the lab, Brennan's new assistant seems a mismatch, despite his genius.
Regisseur:  Dwight H. Little  / Dwight Little  Autor:  Michael Peterson  / Майкл Петерсон 
Guest starring:  Patricia Belcher, Luke Kleintank, Brad Grunberg, Paul Hewitt, Joel McCrary, Skyler Stone, Pat Crawford Brown, Alice Rietveld, Andrew Wayne
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    17.11.2011  3.  The Prince in the Plastic
The discovery of the CEO of a toy company packaged with his toys gives Booth and Sweets access to the company's headquarters as they search for the murderer. Elsewhere, Brennan is concerned about her fitness as a mother and Sweets is concerned about his gun certification test.
Regisseur:  Alex Chapple  / Алекс Чаппл  Autor:  Dean Lopata  / Keith Foglesong 
Guest starring:  Carla Gallo, Morgan Fairchild,  Rick Gonzalez, John Ross Bowie, Ryan Bittle, Tom Beyer, Camille Chen, Quinn Friedman, Kamryn Tate
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    01.12.2011  4.  The Male in the Mail
Dismembered remains are discovered in several mailing boxes at a dead letter office, and the Jeffersonian team identifies the victim as an employee of a local Ship 'n' Print, where the staff recently split the winnings of a lottery prize. The team uncovers a complicated love triangle between two married employees and the victim, and while motive points to the husband a critical clue leads them to solve the crime definitively.
Regisseur:  Kevin Hooks  / Кевин Хукс  Autor:  Pat Charles  / Пэт Чарльз 
Guest starring:  Eugene Byrd,  Tina Majorino, Ralph Waite, Ben Savage, Jesse Head, Briana Lane, Chris Tallman, Wayne Wilderson, Allan Wasserman, Ellis Williams, Brian Jones, Aaron Mills, Frank Krueger
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    08.12.2011  5.  The Twist in the Twister
The team discovers the remains of a so-called "storm chaser" who seems to have died while following a tornado. But footage recorded during the storm ultimately leads them to believe he was murdered. Meanwhile, Booth becomes increasingly overprotective of Brennan both at home and in the field, and sleep-deprived Angela and Hodgins come to terms with having Angela's father and rock musician babysit their infant son.
Regisseur:  Jeannot Szwarc  / Жанно Шварц  Autor:  Karine Rosenthal  / Keith Foglesong 
Guest starring:  Joel David Moore, Billy Gibbons, Samantha Shelton,  Samantha Quan, Jon Curry, Charlie Weber, Kylie Sparks, Emily Wilson, Joshua Dov, Theresa June Tao, Cynthia Sophiea
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    12.01.2012  6.  The Crack in the Code
A cryptic message penned in human blood is discovered at a national monument. As the Jeffersonian team embarks on a scavenger hunt to solve the case, they realize their tech-savvy suspect remains one step ahead of them. Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan search for the perfect home for their new family.
Regisseur:  Ian Toynton  / Йен Тойнтон  Autor:  Carla Kettner  / Keith Foglesong 
Guest starring:  Michael Grant Terry, Patricia Belcher, Andrew Leeds, Robert Cicchini, Alla Korot, Bambadjan Bamba, Lisa K. Wyatt, Vivek Shah, Franco Vega
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    02.04.2012  7.  The Prisoner in the Pipe
Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a prisoner and Brennan goes into labor in a jail.
Regisseur:  Kate Woods  / Кейт Вудс  Autor:  Jonathan Collier  / Джонатан Коллир 
Guest starring:  Carla Gallo, Jerry Kernion, Jessica Tuck, Vanessa Branch, Johnny Ray Gill, Gary Riotto,  Pruitt Taylor Vince
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    09.04.2012  8.  The Bump in the Road
With the help of Special Agent Genny Shaw, the Jeffersonian team identifies the remains of a discount shopper and “extreme couponer” who was dragged along the road by an 18-wheeler. Meanwhile, Brennan is adjusting to her first day back at work after giving birth, and Cam disapproves of her daughter’s romance with intern Finn Abernathy.
Regisseur:  Dwight H. Little  / Dwight Little  Autor:  Keith Foglesong  / Кит Фоглисонг 
Guest starring:  Tina Majorino, Luke Kleintank, Tiffany Hines, David Andriole, Missy Doty,  Mary Pat Gleason, Mark Saul, Brandon Molale
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    16.04.2012  9.  The Don't in the Do
When a corpse is found at a landfill, dyed in a blue substance, intern Arastoo Vaziri discovers a method that helps eliminate postmortem damages to the corpse, which leads the team back to a hair salon where the victim worked. Meanwhile Bones is feeling uncomfortable in her post-baby body, so Booth decides to do something special to boost her self-confidence.
Regisseur:  Jeannot Szwarc  / Жанно Шварц  Autor:  Janet Lin  / Джанет Лин 
Guest starring:  Pej Vahdat
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    23.04.2012  10.  The Warrior in the Wuss
The corpse of a truck company employee is found in the middle of the woods. After the victim’s son is questioned, Booth and Brennan visit his karate class in search of a motive. Back at the lab, Hodgins is going overboard purchasing lab equipment. Then, Booth’s son Parker returns from England and Brennan is apprehensive about how he’ll react to his new baby sister.
Regisseur:  Tony Wharmby  / Greg Yaitanes  Autor:  Noah Hawley  / Scott Williams 
Guest starring:  Eugene Byrd, Amy Stewart, Evan Helmuth, Robert Rusler, Roberto Sanchez, L.J. Benet, Jeremy Glazer, Walker Howard
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    30.04.2012  11.  The Family in the Feud
When a corpse is found in the middle of the woods, the team links the victim to two families that have been feuding for almost a century. Brennan and Booth interrogate a family member with a shocking confession that leads them to a motive for the victim’s murder. Meanwhile, Brennan has a difficult time accepting her father’s offer to babysit their infant daughter because of his unpredictable presence in her own childhood.
Regisseur:  Dwight H. Little  / Dwight Little  Autor:  Janet Lin  / Pat Charles 
Guest starring:  Patricia Belcher, Carla Gallo,  William Sanderson, Rebecca Tilney, Joe Adler, Ezra Buzzington, Mackenzie Mauzy, Tico Wells, J.P. Manoux
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    07.05.2012  12.  The Suit on the Set
A film adaptation of Brennan's latest book takes her and Booth to Los Angeles for the production, where Brennan criticizes the acting and disregard for science, but the trip takes a strange turn when a prop cadaver happens to be a real murder victim.
Regisseur:  Emile Levisetti  / Эмиль Левисэтти  Autor:  Karine Rosenthal  / Карин Розенталь 
Guest starring:  Scott Lowell, John Ducey,  Rosalind Chao, Hal Ozsan, Ashley Jones, Jordan Belfi, Chris Williams, Amy Landers, Michael Charles Roman, Rene Rosado, Abhi Sinha
    Seen it: Yes   60 Min.    14.05.2012  13.  The Past in the Present
"Hacktivist" and suspected serial killer Christopher Pelant is back in court, but the team's efforts to pin another murder on him don't go as planned.
Regisseur:  David Boreanaz  / Дэвид Бореаназ  Autor:  Carla Kettner  / Карла Кеттнер 
Guest starring:  Ryan O'Neal, Patricia Belcher, Michael Grant Terry, Andrew Leeds, Nadine Ellis, Annie Tedesco, Nancy Linari, Reed Diamond
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