Saint Jacques... La Mecque
Komödie, Drama
In Sammlung
IMDB   6.5
104 Min. France / Französisch
DVD  Region 2
Muriel Robin
Artus de Penguern
Jean-Pierre Darroussin
Pascal Légitimus
Marie Bunel
Marie Kremer
Flore Vannier-Moreau
Aymen Saidi
Nicolas Cazale
Coline Serreau
Autor Coline Serreau
Kamera/Fotographie Jean-François Robin
Komponist Hugues Le Bars
Madeleine Besson
Sylvain Dubrez

Pierre, a rich boss, geek of working (De Penguern), Claude, his alcoholic and lifetime unemployed brother (Darroussin) and Clara, a moaning teacher who is incidentally their sister (Robin) learn the death of their mother. The notary tell them few things about the assets (a sum of money and a house) they will inherit... in the only condition of traveling together during 2 months the path of Saint Jacques De Compostel. After a violent refusal, they decide (separatly) to do it. This initiatory travel, the meeting between the different characters will change them and lead them to realize who they really are and what a group - a family - is.
Details der Edition
Edition erschienen 24.10.2008
Anzahl Disks/Bänder 1
Persönliche Details
Standort Riken
Eigentümer Familie Combertaldi
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